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Deep Tissue Massage

A result-focused massage, reaching deep muscles that may be causing pain, tension, restriction of movement or other problems. Expect the pressure to start off moderate-firm to loosen superficial (close to top of skin) muscles first. Once deeper muscles can be assessed, pressure may be increased to focus in on tight muscles. At times, the therapist may hold still on a muscle for 30-60 seconds to allow a stubborn area to relax fully. It's not because the therapist is lazy, sometimes it takes that long for stuck spots to respond.

Deep tissue sessions often does not always include a "Full body" massage. Typically, the upper body (hips up) or lower back back and down. If a Full Body session is done, it typically involves some focused work on 1 or 2 areas and then quick firm relaxing strokes on rest of body. If you'd like a firm, focused massage on the entire body, be sure to schedule a 90-minute massage.

Deep tissue massage should not be overly painful nor leave you sore for days after. A good hurt is highly beneficial but if the pain of the massage causes you to yell out or stop breathing that means you need to let your therapist know. Amber typically doesn't do extremely firm work, aka 'as hard as you can go'. Both for liability reasons and it's too hard on her body. She can refer you to other therapists who do very deep work if needed.

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