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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Wellness

Autoimmune Conditions

I've worked with a variety of condition, please contact me if you have questions, as all clients have different symptoms and concerns. Some types of conditions I've worked with: scleroderma (1), fibromyalgia (2), multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis (3), Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Long COVID, Crohn's, IBS, IBD, and Chronic Fatigue. 


MLD involves gentle, rhythmic pressure that improves lymphatic flow, which may help reduce tissue inflammation in autoimmune conditions (4). It is usually comfortable to receive, even during a flare-up. We recommend 3 sessions within a month to gage the benefits for your body. MLD will not cure your condition but can be a powerful tool to lessen symptoms and improve quality of life.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Recovery

During pregnancy, we require a doctor's approval before MLD sessions. Email me for any assistance.


Perineal tears or trauma have been shown to benefit from MLD (5). For this situation, the genital area would NOT be directly massaged, only the nearby lymph nodes.

Swollen legs and feet are a common complaint during and after pregnacy. Studies have shown MLD to be a helpful and safe (6). 

Scars from a C-section can benefit from MLD and other post-surgery techniques that I use, such as cupping and scar tissue massage. (7

MLD is a gentle and deeply relaxing technique. It can produce a sense of calm that can be nourishing to those pregnant, postpartum, or who have experienced loss.

Swollen Legs & Feet

Standing for long periods of time, health conditions, weight gain, diet, lack of movement, pregnancy, travel, and more can cause uncomfortable swelling in the legs and feet. MLD may help with stimulating lymph nodes and increasing flow of fluid in the lower extremities. 

I recommend starting with 1-2 sessions within a 3 week period, along with increase in movement. I'll also share some yoga poses that will help aid in lymph flow to the legs and feet.

Stress & Anxiety

MLD is a very relaxing, rhythmic and nurturing type of massage. Clients often fall asleep, or stay in that 'in-between space' of asleep and awake. 

Studies have shown that MLD decreases cortisol, increases alpha waves, is consistently seen as relaxing and positive for clients (9,10).

Bloating & Digestive Issues

Coming Soon!

Exercise Recovery

Coming Soon!

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes can be sluggish or stay swollen for extended periods of time, or flare up here and there. If you've seen your doctor and they've ruled out serious concerns, MLD can help encourage drainage of the nodes. This can give you relief from the tightness or discomfort that may be present. Amber, our massage therapist, has this issue and its how she first learned about MLD. We recommend 2-3 sessions to begin, most clients notice some relief in the first session. Repeat sessions are usually necessary with stubborn nodes. MLD is not a cure, it's more of a long term maintenance. Clients come in when a flare-up, such as, after illness or long flights.

Chronic Low-Level Inflammation

Our American lifestyle and medical system aren't the most supportive. I often see clients who deal with chronic low levels of systemic inflammation from diet, lack of movement, weight gain, stress, exposure to pollution/toxins and more. Symptoms can include bloating, digestive issues, anxiety, headaches, fatigue/insomnia, unease, aches and pain, frequent infections, puffiness, stiffness, and more (8).

Sinus Issues & Allergies

Living in Central Texas, you most likely have some sinus issues. MLD may be very helpful for helping drain sinuses and relieve pressure that may be causing headaches and brain fog. I recommend 2-4 sessions the first month, and then sessions as needed. 

MLD will not cure sinus issues, but can be a natural way to manage symptoms and get relief.

Detox & Weight Loss

Lymphatic massage is often shown on social media to be a instant body contouring service. These photos are usually taken in a way to over-deliver results and any actually 'toning' is very temporary. 


I've found MLD helps the most for clients who are embarking on a weight loss and lifestyle change. If you've just started, reached a plateau or just want a nudge forward, MLD may help by reducing inflammation and bloating. I use abdominal techniques for digestive organs and constipation that are effective. 

Lyme Disease

MLD can be helpful for some Lyme Disease sufferers. Sometimes, MLD can be overwhelming and cause a flareup for clients, though. I typically combine MLD with regular massage to lessen the amount of lymph movement, to find a good balance without overloading. Each client is different, please email if you want to discuss your situation.

And More!

Email if you have an issue and want to see if I can help!


MLD Session Costs

90-minutes $190

60-minutes $130


Free 15-min Phone Consults Available - Book Online

MLD Package Options

Packages of 10

60-minutes (expires in 8 weeks)   $1,200.00

Packages of 3

60 minutes (expires in 4 weeks)   $375.00

90 minutes (expires in 4 weeks)   $555.00

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