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South Austin Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Neck & Shoulder Deep Tissue Massage Specialist


Certified in Vodder style Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gentle, rhythmic massage stimulates lymphatic fluid which can reduce swelling and edema. Allowing for quicker healing and better results. Click learn more to see our FAQ.

$130/hour or $190/90-mins

Packages Available (Value Expires):

3 x 60-minutes $375 (Save $15)

3 x 90-minutes $555 (Save $15)

10 x 60-minutes $1200 (Save $100)

Lymphatic Massage Swollen Arms

Post-Op Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A gentle massage to stimulate lymphatic fluid and encourage inflammation reduction. Can help those with with autoimmune conditions, allergies, lymph stagnation, swelling and more.

$130/hour or $190/90-mins

Packages Available (Value Expires):

3 x 60-minutes $375 (Save $15)

3 x 90-minutes $555 (Save $15)

10 x 60-minutes $1200 (Save $100)

Lymphatic Massage Swollen Legs

Lymphatic Massage for Wellness

Amber has been an LMT for 13 years and taken hundreds of hours of advanced trainings. Her style of Deep Tissue is a moderate to firm pressure to warm up the area with deep stationary holds on specific muscles to allow for efficient and low-pain relief. Her knowledge and experience allows her to find areas you didn't realize were connected to give you the most relief. She loves to offer tips for self-care and stretches at home. She's a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, as well. 

$120/hour or $180/90-mins

Deep Tissue Shoulder

Deep Tissue with specialization in neck massage and shoulder pain

Neck Massage

Swedish Massage

A nurturing massage focused on relaxing the mind, body and nervous system. The massage consists of long, flowing massage strokes and relaxing massage techniques. Excellent for those seeking anxiety and stress management.


Some clients like to ask for a focus on the scalp, neck or feet to help them relax deeper. 

$120/hour or $180/90-mins

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

All trimesters welcome. Side-lying positioning is used when flat is no longer options. Focus is on relaxation and releasing areas of tension. Lymphatic massage can also be incorpated for healthy clients to help with swelling in the legs and feet.

$120/hour or $180/90-mins

Massage Austin Texas

Evolved Massage

A customized massage utilizing both Deep Tissue and Swedish styles of massage.


Perfect if you have some minor tension but also want the rest of the body massaged. Best massage to choose if you are unsure which type of massage is for you.

$120/hour or $180/90-mins

About Amber

Amber Prosceno, Owner + Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: A New Beginning School of Massage in Austin, TX 2011

Certifications: Klose Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Provider (Vodder technique)

200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher


​Amber's massage is best described as present, precise and knowledgeable. Twelve years of full time massage practice and hundreds of hours of advanced study combine into an effective massage. Each session is catered to the client's needs and goals for the massage.


Amber is a naturally quiet therapist during session, to give her clients the peace to relax. If you'd like to chat or ask questions, you are welcome to, but Amber generally keep conversation to a minimum. Sessions start with a hot towel and compression to allow clients to physically and mentally arrive in the space and start to unwind.

As the session starts, a moderate pressure to release top layers of muscular tension will be used. If the client is seeking pain or tension relief, firmer holds on stubborn muscles, which can allow tense fibers to release. If the client is seeking stress relief, a moderate pressure may be kept throughout session and techniques will be performed in a way that is relaxing for the client. Amber doesn't use 'you can't hurt me' or very very firm pressure, she suggests Austin Deep or Deep Relief for clients seeking that level of pressure. She calls her style of Deep Tissue a relaxing deep tissue, there will most likely be a good hurt involved but she's not forcing the muscles into submission - rather creating enough pressure to allow the muscle fibers to reset and relax of their own accord.


Amber has advanced training in a variety of Deep Tissue, or Therapeutic, result-focused types of massage. She's had training with Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Functional Yoga, and more over the years.​

See more about Amber's education & watch a video here. 

In her free time, Amber enjoys hiking, Barton Springs, travel, bird-watching, camping, yoga, gardening, having tea dates with friends; and spending time with her senior dog, Ellie, and her partner, Aaron.

Quality Massage in South Austin

Office is located at 8700 Menchaca Rd, Unit 206, Austin, TX 78748

Located in Grand Oaks Office Condominiums, Building 2. Behind the Valero on the South-west corner of Menchaca Rd and Davis Lane.

Look for the Evolved Massage & Lymphatics sign over the door!

Hours: 10am-8pm every day except Tuesday & Wednesday

By Appointment Only, No Walk-Ins, Sorry!

Call us at (512) 387-7037

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