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Optimize Your Healing with Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage

Some of the surgeries we work with: Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, BBL, Face Lift, Gender Affirming, Orthopedic, Oral, C-section, & Hysterectomy

MLD Session Costs

90-minutes $190

60-minutes $130


Free 15-minute Phone Consults Available

MLD Package Options

Packages of 10

60-minutes (expires in 8 weeks)   $1,200.00

Packages of 3

60 minutes (expires in 4 weeks)   $375.00

90 minutes (expires in 4 weeks)   $555.00


What is Lymphatic massage?
What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic massage is a general term for massage that moves or stimulates lymphatic fluid.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder method) is a gentle rhythmic modality to reduce swelling, inflammation, and reduce excess fluid retention. Lymphatic massage can be helpful for pre and post-op plastic and cosmetic procedures, weight-loss surgery, dental surgery, orthopedic surgery (joint replacements and soft tissue repairs), and other medical procedures.  Manual Lymphatic Massage may reduce pain, edema and bruising post-surgery; as well as aid in the overall healing process. 


This type of manual lymphatic drainage DOES NOT include expressing fluids through surgical sites. To receive that type of work you need to see a medical professional, preferably your surgeon's office. Massage therapists in Texas are not licensed to perform such work.

Does lymphatic massage hurt?

MLD after surgery is generally a gentle and soothing type of massage. While individual experiences may vary, many clients fall asleep or report deep relaxation during sessions. Immediately after surgery some discomfort may occur, especially around incision sites or areas of swelling.  It is important to communicate any concerns or sensitivities to your therapist, as they can adjust the pressure to ensure a comfortable experience. Note: We DO NOT express fluid out of incisions. 


Does lymphatic massage help with weight loss?

There are two main types of lymphatic massage; Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Brazilian body sculpting. MLD training involves 40+ education hours and a certification process with a handful of established schools. MLD has numerous studies on effectiveness for surgical recovery. 


Brazilian body sculpting is much more vigorous than MLD and has techniques which are counter-intuitive to what is taught in MLD Post-op trainings. Brazilian style training is less established and there are dozens of practioners who offer their own 'brand' of training. Brazilian lymphatic massage is what you see on Instagram with the toned before and after photos. There is little scientific research on effectiveness on lasting weight loss. 


When should I start lymphatic massage after surgery?

How often should I get lymphatic massage?

The ideal Lymphatic massage plan would start with 1-2 sessions BEFORE your surgery. This primes your lymphatic system and body for the procedure and healing process.

Depending on intensity of the surgery, you can start MLD massage 2-5 days after your surgery. If you are having several procedures at once; like a mommy makeover, I recommend waiting one week. Please call or text if you have questions about your plans; (512) 387-7037. 

For the total number of MLD sessions, it can range between 3-20 sessions. It depends how your body is responding post-surgery. I take pride in being honest with my clients as I'm in this industry to help you heal. I educate clients on how to take care of their surgery sites and do self-massage, if indicated.


I offer packages of three and ten 60-minute MLD sessions and ten 30-minute MLD sessions. 30-minute sessions are only done as a follow-up to a 60- or 90-minute session AND require my personal approval that 30-minutes is enough time to complete a session. If someone who's had a mommy makeover would need a 60-minutes, while someone who's had facelift may only need 30-minutes.

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